Like fun? Hire wedding videography services too!

In my opinion, a wedding is not complete unless one were to also hire a wedding videographer in Singapore to capture their wedding ceremony.

Even though having a wedding photographer may feel more than sufficient for most people, why not do more for your one and only wedding ceremony? Having actual day wedding photographs taken is only the basic. A wedding video can make it so much more exciting and the following are some of the reasons why. (If you need a recommendation in engaging a wedding photographer and videographer in Singapore, check out Grandeur wedding Studio. They offer good quality services.)

– You can capture all the jokes, laughter and movements during the actual wedding day with a wedding video. Some of these will not be conveyed through wedding photographs alone – especially the voices and laughter of your loved ones and close friends.

– You can do something really fun and exciting like what the couple in the following video did! If you’re a fun loving couple, then getting a wedding video is definitely very important. It provides you with an additional avenue to have fun during your wedding day itself! How awesome is that?

– Why would you want your wedding to be ordinary like most people and just get photography? Do you want your marriage and love to be special? Then make sure the services you engage during and for your wedding is the best of the best! Go for a wedding cinematographer or videographer and make your wedding that much more special than other ordinary people in the world and in Singapore.

– When you look back on your wedding memories many years after your marriage, what you will realize is that you will feel that something is definitely lacking if you had not chosen to take wedding photographs when you were getting married. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you do not have regrets in the future. Take a wedding video.

Should you hire a wedding photography firm or studio

Most couples will inevitably get excited for their upcoming wedding event. Out of all the things that are going to take place, couples usually will get most excited for their wedding photography. When choosing a vendor to provide wedding photography services, you may have came across wedding photography firm and wedding studio offering wedding photography services. To most people, both seems to be the same type of companies. In reality, they are not the same.

There are some stark differences between a wedding photography firm and a wedding studio:

1. A wedding photography firm sells only wedding photography and videography services. On the other hand, a wedding studio sells a wide range of wedding related services that include wedding photography and videography, wedding car rental, make up services, wedding gown rental, wedding decorations, and etc.

2. A wedding photography firm is usually made up of a small team of between two to ten people. I have not yet seen a wedding photography company that has manpower exceeding ten people. A wedding studio can be much larger due to the support needed for the wider range of services. Typically, a wedding studio is made up of two to thirty people. There can be different teams specializing in the different wedding services.

So, should you hire a wedding photography firm or a wedding studio?

Both the wedding photography firm and wedding studio may be able to provide you the same quality of wedding photography. You will have to browse through the portfolios given by each of these businesses carefully and compare their photography standards. If you prefer to deal with minimal number of vendors for your wedding event, then you may prefer wedding studio over wedding photography as the former will be able to provide you with a range of wedding related services. If you choose to work with a wedding photography firm for your wedding photo shoot, then you will need to look for other vendors to provide you the other wedding services.

Indoor versus outdoor wedding photo shoots

When it comes to pre wedding photography, there are 2 options for you to take them – indoors or outdoors. Indoor wedding photo shoots typically take place inside a properly set up wedding studio with all the required equipment and tools. A good indoor wedding studio will usually possess at least an area of 150 square feet to accommodate the equipment and to allow the wedding photographer and the couples to move around comfortably. Any area size smaller than that will make the people inside feel uncomfortable which will affect the quality of the photo shoot. On the other hand, outdoor wedding photo shoots, as the name suggests, take place outside the wedding studio. Outdoor wedding photo shoots can be held at basically any open space outside. The consideration for a good outdoor wedding location for the photo shoot will of course encompass having a great scenic background for the photo shoot.

Should you choose indoor or outdoor wedding photo shoots? Here are some things you may want to consider before you make a decision:

1. Do you run a tight schedule and have limited spare time for wedding photo shoots? If so, you may prefer indoor wedding photo shoots over outdoor wedding photo shoots. Due to the controlled environment, quicker access to changing rooms and lack of traveling, indoor photo shoots take up much shorter time than outdoor photo shoots. Typically, indoor photo shoots can be completed within half a day while outdoor photo shoots can last between one to three days.

2. Do you want your wedding photographs to look simple with simple backgrounds or do you want your wedding photographs to look special and extraordinary with scenic backgrounds? If you prefer the former, then go for indoor photo shoots. Otherwise, go for outdoor photo shoots to fulfill your requirements.

3. Do you mind a more physically demanding wedding photo shoot? If so, you may prefer indoor wedding photo shoot as it will be less physcially demanding than outdoor photo shoot where you have to travel to different locations for your photo shoots. Moreover, as Singapore is well known to be a sunny island, there is a high chance that you will be standing under the hot sun during your photo shoot.

Consider these 3 points carefully before you make your decision on whether to hold your wedding photo shoots indoors or outdoors.

Selecting wedding gown for your wedding photo shoot

For brides, it is very important for them to select the right wedding gowns for their wedding photo shoot. All in all, the wedding gowns have to match their sizes and be attractive enough to leave a lasting impression on others. Brides will not want to risk looking weird in a weird wedding gown that is not suitable for them. Wedding is after all, the most important event in women’s life. Every memories of the wedding must be perfect, and this includes the wedding photographs.

Here are some tips for brides to select the right wedding gown for their wedding photo shoots:

1. Compile a list of reputable and large wedding boutiques in Singapore. You can easily do so online by using the search engines or visiting wedding forums. Visit each wedding boutiques’ website and judge if they are established and professional against two criteria – the information in the “about us” page, and the website design.

2. Research for reviews of each wedding boutiques to find out about their reputation. It is better working with a reputable wedding company that will be able to provide you better quality service than to risk the service quality with unpopular companies.

3. Visit the physical wedding boutique outlets and see for yourself whether they offer a wide wedding gown rental selection. It is crucial that you are being offered a huge number of different wedding gown for you to choose. The higher the number of wedding gowns options, the higher then chance that you will be able to find the perfect wedding gown that suit your body and style. Do not buy the salesperson’s story that despite a small number of wedding gowns options, you will be able to find one that suit you. Do not force yourself to buy a wedding gown that does not perfectly suit you.

4. You should have selected at least 10 wedding gowns that you absolutely like during your visit to the wedding boutique outlet. From these 10 wedding gowns, cut down to about 5 of them to be used in your wedding photo shoot. If you really cannot make a decision, ask your girl friends, fiance, and wedding photographer. They will be able to provide you with their 2 cents.

Embracing wedding videography

Just like how the technology of videography is released after photography, wedding videography is a wedding service that was introduced to the market after wedding photography. It is common for everyone to engage wedding photography services for their wedding. However, many dropped the idea of engaging wedding videography services for the wedding. Some view wedding videography as a complementary service to wedding photography, while others view wedding videography as an unnecessary cost.

What is your view of wedding videography?

I am with the group that view wedding videography as a complementary service to wedding photography and urge everyone to embrace wedding videography.

I understand that some people may think that photography will be able to capture the memories of the wedding events adequately. I do not condone photography but I disagree with that. Personally, I love wedding photography and agrees that it is an essential service that everyone should get for their wedding. The way photographs remind people of their memories is really splendid – representing them with snapshots of the events. Looking at these photographs can instantly invoke many of our fond memories of the wedding. When beautifully taken, each wedding photograph tells its own story. If you are looking at wedding photographs, you can imagine and visualize the actual wedding event. However, are photographs really enough?

There is so much more that a video can tell you than what a photograph can. A video is after all, made up of many photographs present in sequence. A ten minute video is easily made up of thousands of photographs of the actual event. While photographs can let you imagine and visualize the actual event, a video can let you witness the actual event all over again. What you see will be entirely true. Furthermore, a video has an audio output which allows you to also hear what is going on during the actual event. This is something that photographs cannot give you.

While wedding photographs are essential, video will be a good complement to them.

Top 5 Wedding Photographers In Singapore

In my opinion, here are 5 of the most influential and popular wedding photographers (or studios) in Singapore. *The difference between studios and individual wedding photographers is that studios usually hire at least a handful of different photographers.

Timeless Romance

1. Timeless Romance

It seems that no matter where you go, you would be able to hear couples saying they got their wedding photographs at Timeless Romance in Singapore. In my opinion, their website looks too cluttered and messy, but you got to give them credits for their absolutely amazing wedding photographs. It is difficult to find a single wedding photographer who can take such truly breath-taking images.

Bloc Memoire

2. Bloc Memoire

Due to their immense marketing efforts, you would definitely be able to view their website and portfolio everywhere. Bloc Memoire is a tiny studio with just 3 (very talented I must say) wedding photographers. They have this really unique thing when it comes to their packages. It’s not really their images that make them so different; the quality of their wedding photographs are just equal to that of other great wedding photographers too. However, they give their taken images in these cute little brown, wooden boxes. Check out their website and you would know what I mean.

Grandeur Wedding Studio

3. Grandeur Wedding Studio

Famous for their vibrant wedding photographs, Grandeur Wedding Studio also provides wedding gown rental e.t.c. at much cheaper rates than usual due to their partnerships with various bridal boutiques in Singapore. When you sign up with their wedding photography package, you would also be able to get better rates with bridal boutiques for gowns and still be able to get amazing photographs. I would say Grandeur’s specialty is their ability to take amazingly vibrant looking wedding photographs.

acapella photography

4. Acapella Photography

If you want overseas (outside of Singapore) photo shoots, then Acapella is no doubt your choice. In my opinion, if you check out their overseas pre-wedding photographs, they simply take your breath away. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Most of the above mentioned studios or wedding photographers only take images in Singapore, so if you’re looking for an overseas shoot, you can afford to choose Acapella photography. Their photographs all have a certain melancholy, rustic feel to it. Choose them if you love that! You will love that decision.

Nat Studios

5. Nat Studios

Although they also take Singapore pre-wedding photo shoots, their real specialty is also highly similar to that of Acapella Photography. They take lots of destination pre-wedding photo shoots as evidenced by the vast amount of beautiful overseas imagery on their portfolio / website. I highly recommend you pick Nat Studios for overseas pre-wedding photo shoots if you want a very upbeat feeling in your images.

WHy Choose Wedding Photography In Singapore

Having your wedding photographs taken in Singapore is actually a really good idea for most couples. This is because for a Singapore wedding photo shoot, you would be able to go to both city areas as well as rural areas for your photographs.

Because Singapore is a small place, most locals as well as foreigners like coming to Singapore for their wedding photo shoot. It is convenient in that you can travel to several different places in Singapore for your wedding photography. When it comes to neighboring countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia, they may have very beautiful backdrops and scenery, but it takes very long to travel from one point to another for your bridal photo shoot.

Second of all, Singapore has many beautiful places such as the UNESCO Heritage site – Botanic Gardens. Just look at the following photograph of it. There is simply no need to question why couples love to take their photographs at Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens wedding photo shoot

It just looks so lovely and looks like something straight out of a Hollywood love scene. It feels so pretty, serene and joyful. Many couples in Singapore love taking their wedding photographs at the famous UNESCO heritage site.

Third of all, Singapore has a wide choice of wedding photographers. You can easily find these wedding photographers or even studios online. A simple look around will allow you to find a lot of wedding photography studios and companies in Singapore. They all have websites and so you would be able to easily check out their quality, style and portfolio on their website. From there, you can easily make a decision. Wedding photographers in some poorer neighboring countries like Vietnam might not be as technologically advanced and do not have websites. This can make looking for a wedding photographer very difficult. Therefore, why not just pick a wedding photographer from Singapore and have your photo shoot here? It is convenient and cheap. You can get a wedding photography session at only a few thousand dollars (and this is a once in a lifetime investment).